hearts a-bustin with love!

i don't even know where to begin with this post...and i may or may not have teared up several times while writing this post...[i definitely did]...i have talked about my grandfather before on my site, but long story short, he is the reason i became a photographer...camera always in hand, capturing all these moments for our family and others to cherish...his images are all over our house and he and grandmother have helped cultivate this passion! 

well today my grandmother and grandfather are celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary! SEVENTY YEARS FOLKS! i have had two of the most amazing people to look up to in life and in love...after 70 years they are still very much in love and still have so much fun together! he still makes her laugh and she still has him completely smitten with her..

my grandfather is a natural storyteller, but honestly whose grandfather isn't? haha...but my favorite story he tells is how it purchased grandmother's engagement ring...now i won't be able to tell it like grandfather, but i'll try!

when he was in the navy and stationed in california, him and grandmother had been writing everyday...he was going to be shipped out any day and didn't want to leave without making it official...so after watching the guards on duty and timing them for a bit he knew the best time to run out and jump the fence so he could get into town...that's right he went awol to get this ring! on the way down from jumping the barbwire fence, his pants got ripped on one side from his hip all the way to his feet...he climbed on the bus anyway and while there a lady next to him offered him several safety pins to "fix" his pant leg...he graciously accepted...haha...on to the jewelry store where he ran in and said he had two hundred dollars and needed an engagement ring! and wouldn't you know it the salesman had "just the ring and it was two hundred dollars"...haha grandfather always laughs at that part...after all that he made it back to the base undetected and mailed the ring off to grandmother...when grandmother received it she was so nervous she had a friend open it! she of course said yes and here we are seventy years, four children, ten grandchildren, and six great grandchildren later with happy hearts celebrating these two incredible people! i can not wait for tonight party to celebrate the love between these two with all our family and friends!

oh...and her bracelet she is wearing? it was grandfather's gift to her while they were on their honeymoon...precious, right?!

grandfather loves telling us about when he first met grandmother...it was in the fall and she and her friends were having a party...he came over early and he saw this tiny girl craving a huge pumpkin...he said he knew then that she was the one...i could listen to him tell these stories over and over...so we decided to throw a couple in some photos...