a little bit of glitter and sawdust

well hi there! my name is lucy. i'm the face behind glitter and sawdust studios, and here is a little glimpse of me! 

i have always been the creative type, and luckily for me, my family has also been supportive of my quirky endeavors. growing up, i always loved being with my dad in his workshop. i love watching him create things, whether it was a woodworking project, a painting [which was not a very long lived hobby...sorry dad haha], or just fixing stuff around the house. i loved all of it! when i went to college, i had a hard time picking a major. i knew i wanted to do something creative in the end, but it never occurred to me i could major in something creative! it was too easy to be an option, ya know? but after dad suggested it, it all just clicked.

now looking back at growing up, photography surrounded me. my grandfather and mom always had their camera in hand ready to capture every memory. i loved going over to grandmother and grandfather's for dinner, and afterwards helping him set up the projector for him to show us his slides from the trip they just returned from on. one of my favorite sounds in the world is the click of that kodak carousel slide projector as it feeds slide after slide onto the projector. even though that projector is gone, my house is full of my grandfather's images. i love being at family events and seeing my grandfather still with his camera in hand! 

after years of taking photos for fun, i applied for a job i never thought i could get...an assistant position with angela anderson photography in louisville, ky. i can honestly say i couldn't believe what happened next...I GOT THE POSITION! i took the opportunity and ran with it...and i ran as fast and as hard as i could! i worked hard and learned as much as i could. i started editing for them, and then album design, and then became a photographer. i knew that's what i wanted to do with my life. and now after several years of being in the industry, i finally created glitter and sawdust studios!